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is ready to have a good time.


"It's nice that this album isn't

all about your ex-girlfriend."  

Shelley Rokos, 2023

David Rokos is ready to have a good time. In the past seven years since he released his last album, "When You Were Here" (Rogers Park Records, 2016), the world has certainly changed, and so has he. After teasing a new, more upbeat style on two Covid-era single releases, his new album "This is Landing" (Katzulhu Productions, 2023), is filled with the big drums, big hooks, and big production that he is known for, but with a (slightly) more positive outlook on life.

"This record is a reflection of where I am now - a married,  happy guy in my mid 30s - as opposed to a brokenhearted lonely guy in my mid 20s on the last record," Rokos says with a laugh. Tracks like "What a Memory" and "Passport Photography" fly by as they tell stories of his travels and his relationship. Not that the album is all fluff though, tracks like "Play Sober" and "No Fighting in the War Room" describe Rokos' relationship with alcohol and mental health in a way that feels much more private than anything in his back catalog.

A more settled life as afforded Rokos more opportunities to record this time around. After recording the Drums and Bass at the Echo Mill Chicago, he recorded guitar and vocals at Gravity Studios Chicago, a studio that has housed Chicago legends like Fall Out Boy and Smashing Pumpkins. For two acoustic songs Rokos went to The Village Studios in Los Angeles, channeling his favorite songwriter, Tom Petty, in the studio where he formed the Heartbreaks. He likes to this Tom would be proud, but more likely he'd just be annoyed that Dave's ripping him off.

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